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We are Culla – Custom Artwork & Murals.

We are Culla specialises in creating custom design & illustrations for your project and business.

We commonly install most custom artworks by creating hand painted murals. No matter what size or canvas we work with you to deliver a professional finish that’s sure to impress!

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tom edwards

Tom Edwards
Managing Director

We are Culla is lead by Tom Edwards, an Illustrator and Staffordshire University graduate. Before starting We are Culla, Tom worked with agencies such as RareKind London on commissions and workshops across the UK. Tom is a talented typographer and screen printer, creating letters and words reminiscent of the golden age of typography. He creates amazingly detailed illustrations, whether on a page or wall. Tom is also our lead workshop technician at W.A.C and has a diverse experience in education at all ages and demographics.

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